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papercutperfect [userpic]
Vincent/Reno fanfic
by papercutperfect (papercutperfect)
at September 27th, 2008 (02:24 pm)

Title: Seeing Red (Chapter 1)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing/Characters: Reno/Vincent
Rating: NC-17 (This chapter T)
AN: This fic is a collaboration of an ongoing RP between myself and rocks_not_dead.
Reno - Me
Vincent - Christa
Summary: Rude is missing, and a drunk, distraught Reno goes to Vincent to for help.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them. I just play with them.

Come into my parlour...Collapse )

Christabel [userpic]
mod post
by Christabel (rocks_not_dead)
at February 27th, 2008 (05:08 pm)
current song: Redemption - Gackt

Just to let you all know. I am xchristabelx, but I now post with my new journal rocks_not_dead. But I'm still the same crazy lass. lol ^^

kalmia_rae [userpic]
... when Reno comes aknockin' at your door, what're ya gonna do?!
by kalmia_rae (kalmia_rae)
at September 29th, 2007 (01:22 pm)

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you SHOULD give him cookies!

This is a long post, with pictures, so just run to my journal :P

this is my contribution of Reno love, cuz I'm not talented in writing fics and stuff, like all you wonderful people :(


PS: If this goes against any rules that I missed reading up on, just delete away, you won't hurt my feelings (really!).

ps: since I'm now fully awake ... heres a peaky! (sorry. I may be fully awake, but my camera is STILL fully crap!)

I dunno what that white border is, so I'll just blame Shutterfly...

xchristabelx [userpic]
Her Days
by xchristabelx (xchristabelx)
at September 11th, 2007 (11:30 pm)

It's late, I got inspired, this is what happened.

Title: Her Days
Author: xchristabelx
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Vincent/Reno
Warnings: Some cussing, not betaed.
Summary: The times in which Vincent mourns Lucretia, told in Reno's point of view.

(Her Days)

xchristabelx [userpic]
Prompt Tables!
by xchristabelx (xchristabelx)
at September 1st, 2007 (01:43 pm)

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Yes, we now have two prompt tables with 30 word prompts each. One of them is a general one and the other is for smut. ;) This does not turn us into a challenge community. You don't have to write for the prompts if you don't want to. It's just meant to be a little inspiring fun. So, have a look and be inspired. You also don't have to write for all of the prompts. If you do use a prompt, though, please indicate so in your story/art/other post.

Here they are. Thanks to papercutperfect for the help with the tables. :)

The general tableCollapse )

The smut tableCollapse )

xchristabelx [userpic]
and a one-shot became...
by xchristabelx (xchristabelx)
at August 19th, 2007 (11:18 pm)
current song: While You Were Sleeping - Elvis Perkins

..an arc. Here are the first two installments of my 'Glowing Embers' arc. The third and last is to come soon.

Glowing Embers:

Cracked Surface
Author/Artist: xchristabelx
Rating: hard R to NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Reno
Word count: 1297
Warnings: questionable consent, slash, sex in a public place
Summary: Every Turk has his own way of getting information from people.

No Fury Like The One's Who Loves You
Author/Artist: xchristabelx
Rating: hard R to NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Vincent/Reno
Word count: 1987
Warnings: rape, angst, violence
Summary: When the worst happens to Reno he finds himself drawn to Vincent for help.

xchristabelx [userpic]
A hearty welcome!
by xchristabelx (xchristabelx)
at August 19th, 2007 (10:43 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars

Welcome to the one and only Vincent/Reno comm on livejournal. I can't believe that it has been neglected for so long to create such a place. But here we now have it.

I hope that this community will grow into a wonderful and alive place for all us Vin/Reno fans to discuss and squee about the two lovelies.

On that note, have fun posting, and being fannish. :)

Your mod,


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